data excellence

Your right business decisions driven by data

What are our competences?

  • providing insights from huge amount of data
  • automatisation of repeatable or adhoc processes
  • designing and implementing data analyses/dashobards
  • data cleaning and transform
  • building web apps and forms based on data


  • team of experienced data engineers and data scientists
  • successfull projects in retail, finance and manufacture companies
  • most implementations based on open-source tools (lower cost of implementation and maintenance)

How to start project
with DE?

  • fill form on our website
  • our consultant will contact you within 5 working days and clarify requirements if needed
  • we will provide you initial estimated cost*within next 10 working days

Our offer

An experienced team of analysts, data scientists, data miners and campaign managers who have decided to build a professional analytical team. Data Excellence is a group of people who rediscover your data and show you what you previously could not see.

Data Warehouse/Data Mart

  • database design and implementation
  • redesign and optimisation of existing database


  • design and implementation of data flow transformations
  • optimisation of existing ETL
  • connecting to most data sources
  • business processes automatisation

Data cleaning

  • data cleaning tools and algorithms
  • data correction
  • filtering dirty data

Data analyses

  • dashboards and data analyses supporting business decisions
  • data segmentation (i.e. clients, products etc.)
  • data exploration (i.e. cross-selling, grouping, sequences, associations etc.)
  • data mining and predictive analyses

GIS analyses

  • location potential (i.e. visits, sales, etc.)
  • analyses of competition in a given area
  • logistics optimisation
  • visit routs optimisation